Pricing and How We Come Up with Our Number

  Every now and then, we will work with a seller and they will ask us, “How did you come up with that price for our home?” Sometimes I have even been accused of trying to get people to “give away” their homes. That’s just not true. I thought maybe this article would explain how … Continued

What to do if Code Enforcement Contacts You?

It’s not as uncommon as you think.     The code enforcement department in your city or county is tasked with keeping the appearance of your locality up. They also are concerned with possible safety or septic issues. Most of the men and women that work in these departments are just trying to do their … Continued

What Should I Do with Mom’s House?

  I am thankful that my mother is still alive and well. She means the world to me as, I’m sure, your mother means a lot to you. The loss of a parent can be devastating and the financial and emotional issues that come with that transition can be pretty intense. If you add to … Continued