Getting Things Done

If there is one thing that I hate, it’s struggling to help a homeowner in need. I’m not a miracle worker, but if we have figured out a win-win solution that helps everyone out…I’m all for getting it done.


This past week, I had a situation just like that. A landlord and her boyfriend were tired of the two properties they owned. Actually, they were sick and tired. They had tried listing them and were not getting any bites. Another investor and myself checked out the properties, ran the numbers, and made a way for it to work. We agreed to a price and so did the seller.


The only problem was the agent wasn’t on board.


I don’t believe that she was against the deal happening. I had no reason to believe that she had a problem with me or my colleague. She just didn’t have that urgency. It wasn’t there. With her. The homeowners were ready to get those properties sold two weeks from yesterday.

If you decide to do business with me, I will make sure to get things done (as best as I can) on your schedule. Feel free to give me a call on my cell phone. 919.397.2392. Thanks!

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