Pricing and How We Come Up with Our Number



Every now and then, we will work with a seller and they will ask us, “How did you come up with that price for our home?” Sometimes I have even been accused of trying to get people to “give away” their homes. That’s just not true. I thought maybe this article would explain how everything works.

We pretty much work like a pawn shop (for lack of a better example). If you took some jewels to be pawned, you wouldn’t expect to get full price. You know that the pawn shop will provide you cash quickly. You won’t have to find someone to sell it to, repair it, clean it, or put it on ebay. The pawn shop does all that, and for doing all that…they make a bit of profit.

It’s the same way for houses, townhouses, or condos. As an investor, if you were paying for a $100,000 or $200,000 house, the closing costs, and the repairs…you would want to make a decent return for the money that you are putting at risk, right? We are the same way.


Another big thing that I have noticed: Unfortunately I cannot give you an offer based future/possible appreciation. The real estate crash was a good teacher. Invest on what is and not what could be. That is how our company does business.


We look forward to working with you and helping you get through whatever your situation is. Give us a call! 919 397 2392.

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