What to do if Code Enforcement Contacts You?

It’s not as uncommon as you think.




The code enforcement department in your city or county is tasked with keeping the appearance of your locality up. They also are concerned with possible safety or septic issues. Most of the men and women that work in these departments are just trying to do their jobs. They’re willing to work with you if you just communicate with them.


There are many situations in which a homeowner may find their property in violation of code. Many times it’s for overgrown grass or renovations that are short term or haven’t been permitted for. Usually you have 30 days to correct whatever problem they have informed you of. All you have to to do is fix those issues.


What can happen if you do not correct those issues?


-You can be issued fines up to $500 per day.

-There can be a lien put on your property.

-In some areas, the property can be taken from you (but not in Raleigh).


If you have trouble paying for those repairs, there is another option. You can sell your property with code violations in Raleigh. We can take it as-is and close in less than 30 days. Contact us and we can have a conversation. Thanks!

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